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The Pride of Barbados or Caesalpinia pulcherrima is a typical red and yellow flower, native to the tropics of the Americas. It is, however, most known as the national flower of Barbados, adorning both the island’s Coat of Arms and Queen Elizabeth II’s Personal Barbadian flag for visits to the island.

In bloom year-round, the Pride of Barbados’ sunset colours are known to shine brightly in any setting, making it the perfect emblem for the island’s Coat of Arms. At the bottom of this same insignia is Barbados’ national motto, “Pride and Industry”, which speaks to the island’s dignity and constant pursuit of excellence in everything they do.

The Pride of Barbados is also referred to as the Dwarf Poinciane; Red Bird of Paradise; and Peacock Flower. It’s fiery beauty also made an appearance on Megan, Duchess of Sussex’s wedding veil, which included the distinctive flora of each Commonwealth country.

You can find the Pride of Barbados flower all over the island. Simply keep your eyes open for that flaming flora that adds beauty wherever it may be.