There’s a whole lot that
makes our story very special.

For starters, we are a small 59 room affordable hotel, which has been family-owned from the day we opened four decades ago. Family is really important to us, and is key to our values. Our team is our extended family, and most have been with us for years, in fact, for a combined 340 years. Why is this so important? Because it results in dedicated and diligent service to our guests, who in turn, are made to feel like family in our homelike environment. Service is our hallmark and we are very proud of the men and women who deliver high standards and quality service to our guests every day.

Our location is also key to our story. We are fortunate to be positioned on such an awesome beachfront with turquoise blue water and a white fluffy beach. We also have an advantage of being within walking distance of the popular St. Lawrence Gap, which is the heart of nightlife in Barbados and is peppered with an abundance of restaurants, night-spots with live entertainment and bars.

We work hard to ensure that we preserve the environment for future generations by meeting the Green Globe standards, as we also view this as important to our values.

So whether you are travelling as a single, couple, or group, one thing is for sure; safety, comfort and relaxation await you at Dover Beach in a relaxing, friendly, quiet, clean and environmentally friendly at Dover Beach.

Great family support, awesome service, incredible beach, and a perfect location. That’s who and what we are!

Become a part of our family and story.



Barbados is just 166 square
miles with a population of 275,000 people.

If the island chain in the Atlantic were seen as a necklace, Barbados would be the pendant to the chain. It is the most easterly of the Caribbean islands and offers visitors an unequalled array of historical, cultural and epicurean wonders.

The island has a stable and democratic system of government, becoming an independent nation on November 30 1966 after over three centuries of British rule. Tourism is the main economic earner, with agriculture, manufacturing, oil and the financial services sector also contributing to the island’s economy.

The aspirational destination provides strong emotional and functional benefits to visitors. Long considered to be an authentic, chic sophisticated destination its core brand elements are friendliness, safety and cleanliness. There is also a high loyalty component of visitors with a repeat rate of approximately 40%.

Education has been a cornerstone of the Barbados development story and Barbadians, over the years, have received high praise for their friendliness and positive attitude towards tourism.



St Lawrence Gap, affectionately referred to as “The Gap”, is one of the most important tourism spaces in Barbados and is the epicenter, the heart, of entertainment on the island.

It’s well known for its cultural vibrancy, engaging and unique character, as well as its colourful history, which dates back to the turn of the century.

The multi-purpose strip beckons a diverse demographic of both visitors and locals, from millennials to generation X to Baby Boomers. The ease of walking from one establishment to another, the abundance of restaurants and bars, live entertainment and affordable price points are key appeal factors of The Gap.