April 29, 2019


Kids have a ball at Dover Beach at our family-friendly hotel. In addition to frolicking in the kids-friendly pool, there’re many areas for them to have fun and create lifetime memories. When it comes to feeding the kids, our restaurant is well prepared to offer those items which are favourites with kids and the kid in us. Items such as hot dogs, burgers, pizzas and the ever-popular mac and cheese are all available on our kid’s menu.
October 31, 2017


We take our environment very seriously at Dover Beach Hotel, making every effort to reduce our carbon footprint by wisely utilising our energy. Solar Water panels and tanks provide warm water to our guests and, of course, reduce the consumption of energy to fulfil our warm water requirements. Our housekeeping team is committed to the use of organic homemade cleaners instead of chemical-laced products to keep our rooms spotless. Our cleaning solutions are created with baking soda, vinegar, and degradable soap, and then “scented” up with peppermint or orange oil for fresh and pleasant aromas.
July 10, 2017


Barbados is the epitome of island lavishness when it comes to beaches. From the docile west to the temperamental east coast, the island has a bit of everything for beach lovers. Each of the island’s coasts has its own personality. The most popular with sunseekers is undoubtedly the west coast, whose beaches are best known for their upscale environs and calming allure, while the south-east and most easterly shores are a surfer’s dream. The south westerly beaches like that at Dover are home to soft, glowing white sands that are the perfect backdrop for lazy beach days. Fortunately for us, beautiful beachscapes such as these are all we know at Dover Beach, as our beautiful stretch along the coast of St. Lawrence Gap offers the best in beachside therapy right at our doorstep.
February 28, 2017


So many times we are asked: What are the advantages of staying at Dover Beach Hotel? The truth is, there are many adequate answers to this question, but location would have to be at the top of our list of answers. We are located at the eastern end of St Lawrence Gap, the epicentre of entertainment in Barbados. It’s the hot spot of night life in Barbados and extremely popular with visitors and locals alike. Being within walking distance of the Gap is naturally a tremendous benefit to our hotel guests. You can take your pick from the wide range of restaurants, cafes, bars, night spots with live entertainment with varying price points and appeal. What this means, is that there is something for the young and the young at heart. The Gap is also a multi-purpose environment with a cricket/football playing field with flood lights allowing for night games, […]