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July 30, 2018
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Sargassam phenomenon

There is no doubt that Sargassam seaweed is a complete nuisance. It is one of Mother Nature’s creations that can wreak havoc on our beaches and is currently making its presence felt in Barbados and throughout the Caribbean. Unfortunately, this annoyance is out of our control and we hope that it disappears as quickly as it appeared.

Scientists are still trying to understand it.  The root causes are not quite understood, but experts believe that it is influenced by global warming, pollution and disturbance in the liquid boundaries. Other scientists blame ocean currents, ocean temperatures, rainfall patterns, hurricanes and nutrient levels.

Here at Dover Beach Hotel, we have been intermittently affected by the seaweed. At times it has been less intense and other times more. This means that we are facing a level of unpredictability with respect to our beach day by day.

The government of Barbados, through its newly created Ministry of Maritime and Blue economy, is working feverishly to find a long-term solution in dealing with this regional menace, of which we have no control.

In the circumstances, we ask for your patience and understanding as the destination grapples with this unfortunate and nature-made phenomenon.