Mango Season – Barbados Summertime

April 29, 2019
The Barbados Flying Fish Story
May 31, 2019
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Mango Season – Barbados Summertime

The Caribbean is known for its tropical weather, but despite the year-round summer experience that these islands boast, one thing is always seasonal – mangoes!

Mango season is in full bloom around summer time in Barbados with trees bearing gifts to share from household to household. Whether you prefer to eat your mangoes sliced and diced or with a good old fashioned squeeze, suck and chew, you’re sure to get a rush of sweet, unparalleled flavour.

Every summer families with mango trees pick their best fruits for the house and bag the usually hefty leftovers for friends, family, neighbours and even strangers.

Mangoes are also high in fibre and are good for you.. so eat up! Be sure to get yours quickly though, because as soon as Bajan mangoes are made available, they go!