April 3, 2019


In Barbados, the rum shop is an exhilarating getaway, a safe haven, a gaming spot, a stage for worldly conversation and so much more. Our island is blessed to have hundreds all over, and it is at these small hubs of large Bajan culture, that rum and good fellowship go hand-in-hand. One rum shop in particular, however, has an offer that just can’t be beat. John Moore Rum Shop, located in Weston, St. James provides patrons with the typically charismatic Bajan hospitality and an unmatched ambience crafted by the sun, sea and sand.
October 2, 2018

The Barbados Rum Story

Barbados became a British colony around 1625. During that period the British planters first planted tobacco, which drove the economy for a while, but ran into trouble when a high quality Virginia tobacco created a glut in Europe resulting in a steep drop in price. The Barbados planters quickly switched to planting sugar and in short order the sugar revolution occurred in Barbados and led to Barbados being the birthplace of rum. The by-product of sugar is molasses and is fermented into alcohol and distilled into rum. Mount Gay Rum has been in commercial production since 1703. Many other distilleries have entered the market since then, including St Nicholas Abbey Distillery; Foursquare Rum Factory and the West Indian Rum Distillery.